Stags & Hens (child)

Create your own event with us!

Here at Bondi you can create and specialise your own party and day trips to celebrate that special day. Our team of event planners can cater to all your needs and enquiries to make your day run as smooth as possible so you can relax, enjoy and make memories. We have a dedicated western team with over 3 years’ experience in Thailand, specialised to koh Samui and the surrounding islands.

There are two Bondi bars located in Samui each with event rooms, live bands, pool tables, delicious food and fabulous drinks. We can cater for large groups to even a special day for couples and offer all sorts of drinks packages and food deals. Live bands are every day starting from 9:30pm so you can dance the night away whilst relaxing and enjoying food and drinks at any two of our locations in Samui. After your time at Bondi our events team are also happy to show you the surrounding night life and parties.

Not only do we offer to plan your night for you we can also offer daytime packages to take all the stress of planning you day away. We offer a range of activities for hen parties, stag parties, birthday parties and events.
Whether you need a DJ, assistance with the theme and decorations, or perhaps some quirkier entertainment, don’t be afraid to ask!

For any enquiries contact our event team

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